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Colton Andrew Simpson

2001 ~ 2019 (age 17)

Please join the family for a formal service beginning at 3:00 PM on Saturday, February 23, 2019 at Alsip and Persons Funeral Chapel, 404 10th Avenue South, Nampa, ID 83651.  Following the service, there will be a informal gathering in the Alsip and Persons Community Room around 3:30 PM, dedicated to the life of Colton with a time of fellowship and all of Colton's favorite foods.


A Remembrance of Colton Written by Kristi

Colton left a little piece of his heart with each and every life he touched, and more than anything, Colton would want to make sure all the smiles he brought to this world will always be cherished. He would want to live on with us by all the memories that were made. He would want us to talk and smile about him. He was pretty humble for his seventeen years, but he would want us to share all his memories,    making those he loved and cared for happy and proud is what he strived for. He lived to learn. Not in school though!!!  He learned by living, by working, and by taking the time, genuinely, to get to know people.  Each time Colton would talk with anyone, he would listen. He would ask questions and he took what he thought was the very best piece of each person and held it close to his heart.  He was born with faith and being loyal was not an option for him, it’s who he was. You could always count on Colton to do the right thing.  Sometimes it took longer than others and when he felt like he did something wrong he would find a way to make it right. You could see it in the look on his face when he was not happy with himself and you could see it in the way he moved. There were times he was able to learn life lessons.  I always hoped he would do what was right, because when he did not, he wasn’t happy with himself.

If at first Colton came across as cold or shy or maybe even a little abrasive, it wasn’t long before he would win his way to your heart. And for those who never knew Colton on this earth and have kept him in their hearts, it is because you know these facts from all who did know him; he was born to and proud to love Jesus.  From day one, he had that inner strength.  You could always count on him. He was loyal. He had endurance. He was a realist. He was proud to be an American, and is loved by so many people. It took many special people to raise Colton and each person helped him grow in so many different ways. His dreams were the true American dreams. To love his family, work hard and have a family of his own. The plans he had for his life were plans every American mother dreams their sons will do; to be successful, take care of his family first then grandmas, his mother and his sisters, to visit his grandpas and dads and to just be that all around good gas station cowboy that says squirrel from time to time. He enjoyed so many things, but what he enjoyed the most were the things he did with the people he loved. Even if it was hauling hay or changing the oil in grandma’s minivan. There is not a person I have reached out to in Colton’s life that wasn’t able to immediately remember him and there won’t be a person here that will be able to forget him. Colton was never okay to leave someone with a heart that was broken, this I know for certain, and Colton wouldn’t be more proud than to know he will always be remembered for exactly as good as he was. Let the memories you had with Colton make you smile.  He wanted to be that guy that made everyone smile. He was so funny in his own “Colton way”. Sometimes I wasn’t sure where he would come up with the things he would say, and sometimes ( a lot of the time) they were barely appropriate, but it didn’t matter who you were. You couldn’t help but crack up!!! He was comically truthful at times. I often wondered if it was so funny because of how he would say things or because of the way he had of seeing and knowing the truth that should have been over his head. His humor was so innocent, in the way that he did not even realize how funny he could be. He was simple in how he wanted to live, but there was no simplicity to his heart. His heart was big, wise, kind and forgiving; he was always aware.  Even in his hardest times, if there was another person staring back at him, that meant they had a heart too. The kindness he offered could only come from that of a heart with a higher understanding of life, love and faith.

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